Rob and Helen Daugherty the owners of Happy Critters Ranch

Welcome to Happy Critters Ranch! We are a family operated, sustainable farm. Our animals are raised in a natural and nurturing environment. We respect our animals and want to be good stewards of the land, so we let them feed each other the way nature intended. Pasture raised animals fertilize the land as we rotate them from paddock to paddock. The result is lush, green pastures and excellent meat.

Unlike most “factory farms” where the animals are confined to small, crowded areas…ours are raised on pasture and always have access to fresh grass, clover and yummy bugs. In other words our chickens, heritage turkeys, pigs, cows and lambs act like their species in a natural environment and not like inmates. We also do not use growth hormones or antibiotics on our animals.

In return for all this special treatment, we get a meat product that is superior in taste, texture and nutritional value. Studies have shown that pasture raised animals have a higher amount of Omega 3 and vitamin D (great for strong bones ladies).

We are not trying to compete with the large factory farms; quite frankly we can’t. We are simply offering our customers a choice of knowing where their meat comes from and how the animals were treated. It costs more to produce meat this way, but this is what we feed our family and we are worth it. We think your family is worth it too.