We did our own test to see how all the different eggs on the market compared to our eggs.  In the upper left corner is the standard grade A large egg, bottom left is the organic egg, bottom right cage free, and top right is the Happy Critters Ranch egg.  All eggs were similar in size and, as you see, all were brown with the exception of the grade A egg.  You can click on the picture to make it easy to see and then just click your back arrow to read the rest.






There was a big difference between them when we cracked the eggs open.  The yokes on all the eggs that came from the grocery store were a pale yellow compared to our orange yokes.  We did not take a side picture, but the yoke in our eggs were much taller and the white part was tight.  The organic egg looked the worst and when we cracked it open the white ran like water.  The spot on the cage free egg is a blood spot that you get from time to time, but it is nothing to worry about.





We dumped them into a bowl to save and it really became clear what egg looked the best.  What egg would you rather have?  Taste is something you have to experience.  Let’s just say that the taste, in our opinion, matches the visual aspects of each egg.  The grocery store eggs were bland and ours had a rich full flavor.